Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Petey's First Caper

Yesterday I came home to find Petey had escaped from the kitchen. A little detective work on Darryl's part found that he was opening the walk through baby gate with his teeth. So much for not having a dog who's smarter than me. He called me at work to see if he should put some plastic latches on it to keep him in. Ironically, I said no, I'm scared Petey will eat the plastic. So Petey escaped again and chewed up the IR cable that connects my Tivo to my digital cable box. I looked at it carefully and decided we should go to the doggy ER. We got in early, which was lucky. They did X-rays and luckily the piece he chewed up was still in his stomach so they made him puke it up. $230 later, Petey's doing great and I'm exhausted. He keeps looking at me like, "why didn't we go on a walk today?"

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