Friday, May 23, 2008

Lessons Learned

#1 Petey gets car sick.

#2 Petey is a silent vomiter, you'll smell it before you hear or see it. He threw up in his crate on the way to Houston and there was nowhere to pull over for like 10 minutes so he had to lay in it, with his body pressed against the door and his nose sticking out the side hole as if to say, "Oh God, why did this happen". We're going to the vet today for carsickness meds because he's got a lot of road trips in his future and nothing we did (in the crate, out of the crate, sideways crate, lengthwise crate, sitting on my lap, ginger and chamomile supplements) prevented at least 2 vomiting episodes per trip leg. We've gotten good at hosing him off with the little air and water machine at the gas station.

#3 Nothing I do stops him from eating his poops. Another reason we're going to the vet. Gross.

#4 He LOVES to chew on deer antlers.

#5 He LOVES bully sticks, which are disgusting, but whatev.

#6 He can fit behind the entertainment center. He kept having toys roll back there and so I've been contorting myself to fish them out of there, then yesterday, he moseys back behind it and grabs his ball with plenty of room to spare.

#7 He's an obedience LIAR. In class, everyone comments on what a naturally good leash walker he is. This is the only time I have ever seen him walk nicely on a leash. It's all for show.

#8 He hates my hard hat. I put it on the floor and he just about had an aneurysm barking at it for close to an hour. I tried to demonstrate this to Darryl later, he sniffed it and ran off to do something else more interesting.

#9 He's scammed me into letting him sleep at the foot of the bed every night. The poop eating is what keeps him from getting IN the bed.

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