Sunday, June 1, 2008

Busy Times

I've been so swamped with work/Petey rearing lately, I haven't had much time to blog! Petey is doing a great job defending my tomato plants from the awful birds who try to eat them. He nearly killed one and saved my tomato, but I called him off before he could do significant damage. If tomatoes were dog friendly, I would have split it with him, it was delish. I keep watching my zucchini plants, hoping they'll produce fruit soon, but I think we're having some pollination issues. Petey loves gnawing on zucchini so I'm hoping they will take off soon. I've been harvesting lots of Zinnias, I have 2 bouquets of fresh flowers at any given time in the house. Love it. Off to bed, Petey decided to hop in with me this morning and snuggle up against my back. I pushed him off (he's NOT allowed up unless he's invited and certainly not allowed IN the sheets) but he jumped right back up! He finally stayed down so 30 minutes of snoozing later, we put him on top of the covers between us and he got lots of pets and affection. Today in training he ate an entire thing of string cheese! Someone's spoiled....

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