Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Eagles!!!!

Super pumped because I just scored ticket to see The Eagles in September with Darryl! And I got them in a pre-sale thingy for AmEx card holders, so I got us decent seats for the price. Whooooooooo!

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Petey said...

Hi Kelly and Petey!

Your little guy looks so much like our Petey. Of course, NYC Petey weighed 8 pounds at 4 1/2 months and 14 at about 8 months! He's now settled in at a trim 25. He's not fat, just tall, long and muscular.

Been reading your posts. Whoa! I never had any of those problems (except our Petey prefers cat poop, but only as a rare delicacy). He loves car rides, is scared of the baby gate and overall is awfully well-behaved. Which I hear is NOT typical Cairn behavior!

I've linked your blog on Petey's site so you may have lots of other terrier visitors. And best wishes on your engagement! Wow - two cute blonde boys hanging around your house.

Keep in touch!

Your pals in New York,

Jane and Petey