Monday, July 21, 2008

Petey's Summer Haircut

Here is a photo of Petey with his summer haircut, as you can see in the photo, he's mortified. He was so down and out for 2 weeks that I actually considered buying him a shirt. EVERYONE commented on his changed dimeanor, even Darryl's little niece asked me why my doggy was so sad! His haircut was a necessity though, he has a penchant for the brier patch in my backyard and serious dematting was becoming a daily issue. I would be in tears because his coat was so tangled up and he would try to run away and pee on me when I tried to pull them out

We thought we pulled all the offending plants out, but he manages to find new briers on a daily basis. His hairstyle was a godsend when we took him to the beach. It was easy to wash him. Anyone who has a Cairn will tell you that if you're forced to shower with one (there was no tub or hose at our condo), you have to move fast. I sudsed him up real fast and then held him up to the shower head to rinse him off. He handled it well and I'm happy to say, he's back to his old self again. His coat is growing back out nicely, Darryl wants to keep his fur short, but I would prefer if he looked like a proper Cairn again.


Petey said...

Ahh, poor Petey! I hate to say it, but since it looks like he was shaved, his wiry coat may not grow back. I have my Petey hand-stripped about three times a year and it keeps him looking nice and neat and he avoids skin problems. I know you had a Cairn before—what kind of grooming did you do with him? I'm only so concerned because Cairns don't shed so they can have skin problems if the hair doesn't get removed when their coats are "blown" and it becomes loosely rooted. You may also want to put some spray-on SPF on him when you go out because he can get sunburnt! A friend of mine keeps her Schnoodle closely clipped in summer and he had to have a melanoma removed from his scalp, poor guy!

Petey still looks just adorable! Is he behaving himself?

Your Othe Petey Pal and his Mom

Asta said...

I'm a fwiend of the othew Petey' look adowable..don't wowwy it's summew and it's nice to be nekkid, just stay out of the sun
smoochie kisses