Monday, September 15, 2008



Below is the South Shore Beer Garden, not far from my family's house. We used to go there in high school for burgers and to listen to the Grateful Dead on the jukebox. Hope they rebuild.

Photos by John Belden
Liquor Store near the house

Luckily only a tiny bit of water got into my parents' house and the wind ripped off their gutters and broke some tree branches. They're still boiling their water, but the electricity is back on (hope it stays on, it's been sketchy). Not sure about the rest of their hood, but they were VERY lucky. If they'd gotten the storm surge they were predicting, their house would have been flooded for sure. Very glad they evacuated and stayed with me!

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william (皓) said...

that is awful. i had no idea it got that bad in the kemah/clear lake shores area. my parents were at home the entire time and you know we live like 2 minutes from each other. they said no flooding (luckily) side of our backyard fence is down, though. glad your parents are safe.