Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Petey got a haircut!

He's looking ever so handsome with his new hair do. We had a house guest this holiday weekend, Harry the poodle. I'm sure there are pictures somewhere. Otherwise all is well, Darryl and I finally got the guest bedroom sorted out. I volunteered for Nike's Human Race and got to see Ben Harper perform in front of the state capital. I use that last sentence loosely because I got really sick with a stomach bug and barely made it home without spewing. Special thanks to De and Bo for getting me home because I was in no shape to drive. Darryl and Petey took good care of me, Petey woke up every time I did through the night and looked concerned as I rushed to the bathroom. Sometimes if the door was open he stood guard outside of it until I'd recovered. Such a good little guy.

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Elizabeth said...

This haircut is far superior to the summer cut.