Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Me (9:42:53 PM): darryl's cell phone doesn't work
Me (9:43:00 PM): and he's having trouble coming to terms with this
Me (9:43:14 PM): it neither makes calls nor receives them
Me(9:43:21 PM): i had to call the house line
Me (9:43:28 PM): which I do not know the number for
Me (9:43:35 PM): so i had to call information
Me (9:43:41 PM): and ask for my own phone number
Elizabeth (9:43:49 PM): hahaha
Elizabeth (9:43:51 PM): thats good shit

I should also mention, this is in fact, my phone number, in my own name. So I called 411 and asked for my own damn name. Thank God I was too cheap to pay for an unlisted number.