Monday, October 20, 2008

Confession Monday

(1) I dropped more money on clothes this weekend than I've ever done in one weekend EVER. I told my coworker my final $$ tally and his eyes almost popped out of his head. Its was bad. But it was also badly needed. I realized I've been wearing clothes with stains and holes to work. I've been gradually clearing out my closet, so it's not like I went willy nilly buying things I didn't need. Plus I've been dying go shopping at Anthropologie but never had a good enough excuse to go.

Here's a sampling of what I got:

The dress and the snake print pumps will be worn for our engagement photo "dressy" look.

The striped shirt and zebra shoes will be worn with jeans for our engagement photo "casual" look.

I got the burnt orange dress and boots to wear to the game Saturday night. Okay, not really like I needed this, but I can also wear it to work. So there!


Elizabeth said...

amazing! not at all serious! well done!

Kate said...

mmmm anthro. le sigh.