Monday, October 27, 2008

Confession Monday

(1) I'm starting to enjoy yoga. I once thought that yoga was only for women in their mid 30's who own 5 cats and the only man they see regularly is their therapist. But then I started having back pain and yoga went from b.s. to the only thing that could relieve my pain.

(2) I watch America's Next Top Model shamelessly. All I could think about was Mr. Jay yelling, "relax your hand, don't lose your neck, smile with your eyes" when we were doing our engagement photos. Which is probably why they turned out FIERCE.

(3) Darryl's birthday/our 5 year anniversary is on Thursday and so far I have ZERO gifts for him. He gave me his list at the last minute and I ordered it all online the day he gave me the list, but so far, nothing's come in yet.


fu said...

antm is my guilty pleasure. the good thing is, koreans LOVE antm. it's on ALL the friggin time. in fact, season 7 and season 11 are running at the same time on different times.

people shouldn't mock the jays. you have no idea how many times i've used the term 'smile with your eyes' and actually demonstrated it to prove a point. when under a bright sun, you close your eyes 1, 2, 3, bam! (open) 1, 2, 3, bam! it's like magic.

don't be shameful. embrace it.


Elizabeth said...

I wish I had time for yoga!