Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Christy has tagged me, it's my first tag, I feel so special! Here are the rules:

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(1) I got the best pedicure of my life tonight, there's this place called Luna nails in the Arboretum. I had a lady working on my feet and hands at the same time. She did some kind of crazy magic on my feet. I'll will be sure to rub my soft feet (my callouses are a frequent complaint) on Darryl tonight as we go to sleep.

(2) I have fake nails for the first time since I was a teenager. I got them for our engagement photos and when I look down at my hands they scream "trailer park" but when I look in the mirror they look very classy. I got a tasteful American manicure to allow for close ups of the ring and hid my badly bitten nails.

(3) I love drinking tea (and blogging) in bed. It's way past my bed time, but the chilly weather and wind blowing outside makes this feel extra cozy.

(4) I covet cashmere, yet have none. I bought a 10% cashmere sweater from the Gap which hopefully it will be cool enough to wear tomorrow. The fact that I can only afford 10% cashmere at this junction saddens me.

(5) If my career in geology doesn't pan out, I'd like to become a physician's assistant in dermatology. You don't have to go to all the medical school, you only work 4 days a week, and there's no late night skin emergencies to drag you out of bed or away from vacation. And if I misdiagnose a rash, I don't think they'll drop dead, killing people is a major fear I have about the medical profession. Plus I'd get access to all the best skin lotions and stuff. Seriously, if you can actually get an appointment with a dermatologist, doesn't their skin look phenomenal?

(6) We're getting a second dog this weekend and I'm so scared. I've never had 2 dogs before. Is this a change for the better for us? For Petey? I hope so...

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Christy said...

I've been hearing so many raves about Luna that I think I'm going to have to go check them out!

fu said...

my tagged entry is up.