Tuesday, October 21, 2008

UT vs. Missouri Game

On Saturday D and I went to the UT vs Missouri game. My father is a Mizzou alum, so there was a good deal of trash talking. The color of my dress caused some controversy, but as someone who worked with the Dean of Students, gave campus tours, lead the Moonlight Prowl, was an inaugural member of the UT Spirit and Traditions Council, and someone who spent a lot of time in college around Margaret Berry and Jim Nicar (THE authorities on UT history), I can say with some authority that the official color of the University of Texas is not burnt orange as the Longhorn marketing machine would suggest. It's actually "focal red" a color that can be seen painted inside the alumni center and also the color of my dress.

Funny sign.

Me and D tailgating.

Tailgating with some tasty paella.

Demonstrating how to stuff Pocket Shots in your boots.

Janet, me, and Christine.


hiero said...

dang... didn't even get a mention... i think I just died a little inside...

Anonymous said...

So, when did you lead the Moonlight Prowl?