Sunday, October 26, 2008

The weekend hit me like a Mack truck...

-worked late followed by a pitcher of margaritas at Jaime's Spanish Village with Parker and Christine
-Jason Mraz concert with Parker, Christine, Janet, Ben, and others. SO great. It was a little slow at the beginning, but I was a little drunky drunk ($3 tallboys at Stubbs, heck yes!), but the end of the concert really delivered, I sang "I'm Yours" so loud I thoguht my lungs would explode
-came home and passed out of exhaustion

-drove up to Keller, cairn terrier picnic (photos to come)
-adopted second dog
-stopped by to see Marion and Cary and watch the end of the UT game, which was great
-drove home (gas is $2.11 a gallon in Waco, cheaper than anywhere on the I-35 corridor, what the heck?)
-once again, passed out from exhaustion

-got up at the crack of dawn and shot engagement photos (our photographer said she shot 500 pictures!)
-took Christine out to brunch for helping wrangle the dogs for the photos
-came home, passed out from exhaustion, even the dogs were tired!
-ran errands, voted, cooked yummy seafood risotto for dinner

Check out a preview of our photos at

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Elizabeth said...

Your pictures are AMAZING! Seriously you look gorgeous. I can't wait to meet Ginger too!