Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Welcome Home Mindy/Ginger

We adopted a new dog this weekend, we decided to change her name to Ginger. Here is her bio:

Mindy is an affectionate little "tomboy" cairn girl who came into CLSR after being picked up as a stray and not reclaimed. Medically, she's in great shape! She tested heartworm negative, is up-to-date on her shots, and has been dewormed and spayed. She's a wiry little girl, weighing only 14 pounds and she's young...her birthday is 7/1/07.
Mindy loves to give kisses and cuddle with her people. She's also an alpha female who likes to play rough with her two cairn foster brothers. She tends to be mouthy in play also. Her foster parents are working with her to get this toned down some through consistent correction, something an adoptive home would need to continue. We think she must have been kept with larger dogs in her former life and/or kept outside with other dogs a lot as it's the kind of thing you see with dogs kept in that "dogs only or mostly" world.
Bright-eyed and alert, Mindy LOVES toys! She likes to chew on the hard rubber toys the most, but she's also good at de-stuffing and de-squeaking the stuffed ones. Her foster family reports that she's not much of a barker, unless she's crated during the daytime. Mindy is okay in a crate at night, though, and prefers a plastic over a wire crate.
Her foster parents have been working with her on pottytraining and feel that she is pretty much housebroken at this point. She seems to have figured it out after some early accidents. Her foster parents report that Mindy is extremely food-motivated, so this is a useful tool to teach her the behaviors she needs to be a happy and well-behaved family member.
Her foster mom sums up the essence of Mindy like this: "Mindy is having a great time with our cairn boys. She and Andy run and run all around the house; chasing each other around the furniture, through the kitchen and up and down the hallways. When she is outside, she and Jack run up and down the fence line, chase each other, and he is teaching her how to "hunt" for geckos, etc. She is a fun little girl!"
Are you looking for a fun little girl to share your life??? If so, please apply for this little one's companionship today. Mindy will be waiting! :)

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