Friday, November 7, 2008

Crisis Averted, Fire Up for Spirits Reunion Weekend!

This just in, I do not have strep throat as previously feared. I had blogged about how crappy I felt and had a sore throat with white spots on my tonsils and then my coworker emailed out she had strep throat. So with all the stuff going on this weekend, D and I were in a panic, so I went to the doc this morning for a strep test that came back negative. While I'm glad I don't have the plague, I am a little sad I don't have a good excuse to go home and wrap up in the Turkish cotton robe Darryl got me for our anniversary and watch the first season of Gossip Girl, also from D.

What I do have is a minor cold and a tonsil stone, which I found horrifying once the doctor explained them to me. I won't be going into gory detail, I will leave it to you to google it. Tonight I have an appointment with a bottle of oral lidocaine and a toothbrush.

Since I am major communicable disease free, I am looking forward to my Texas Spirits reunion mixer tonight! CIWY girls!

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Milltini said...

So glad to hear its not strep, but hope you get to feeling better and can enjoy your weekend!