Monday, November 3, 2008

{First Gifts Off of the Registry!}

Okay, okay, so some would say I'm not supposed to be checking that thing, but I have been curious as to any heightened activity since our engagement party is right around the corner and we got our first gifts! How exciting!

I've done a lot of reading up on party etiquette and while gifts are optional at an engagement party (i.e. this is not a shower) they are certainly appreciated. So if anyone else is looking for some ideas of what to get us, we could sure use another bath mat (*cough* pressed leaf, Macy's *cough*) as I washed it last night and have yet to dry it, so D and I have so far had 3 showers sans our only one, thus drenching out bathroom floor. Why the heck did I only buy one? As BS as I used to think registering was for people as old as us with established households, I am now seeing the wisdom.

We still need a lot of stuff, like plates that weren't once owned by Darryl's grandmother or a frying pan that does not smoke and crackle when it's placed on our stove (plastic handle vs. gas stove issues). Or the camping stove that will allow us to stop hitting up Darryl's brother to borrow his every time we go camping.

So while a gift is not expected, (your presence is our present!) should that bath mat show up in a pretty little box, my thank you notes are ready to go.


Milltini said...

HA! I hope you get everything on your wish list my friend =)

lyra said...

It might not show up in a pretty little box (think big ugly box delivered by big and hopefully
not-so-ugly postal worker), but in 4-6 days, you should have a new bathmat ;-)