Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Something Good This Way Comes

In case you were wondering, my day in fact got worse. I had more problems at work resulting in a not super pleased client.

Then our engagement pictures came in, I was convinced I looked fat and/or pregnant in all of them (I will have to look at them again once my disposition is adjusted, I am posative that this opinion is just a result of my current state of crazy). So I left work early. The whole way home I just kept beating myself up and thinking how much I wanted to cry, but the tears just wouldn't come, which was even more frustrating.

Got home, my daily moment of joy where my dogs greet me was marred by Petey being covered in his own vomit, which meant all sorts of cleanup and doggy bathing for me. Then I opened the mail, got a "final notice" from a "collection agency" which threw me into a tizzy because I've only carried a balance on my credit card once in my life, much less ever failed to pay a bill. Then I read the fine print and saw it was not from a real collection agency and this was an ADVERTISEMENT!


So I sat down and ate the lo mein I brought home for dinner and had a nice glass of wine. I usually don't like fortune cookies but I opened mine tonight and it said "Something wonderful is about to happen to you." And I believe it. I believe the universe evens itself out. Something good is around the corner.

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