Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ughhhh Self Control

Let's see how I'm doing on my November goals, well I've already failed #1 Attend yoga every Monday and Body Jam every Tuesday as I should be finishing up Body Jam right now. Ugh, I'm having a down week.

I'm also having trouble with the other resolution about not shopping. Let's see what I would be buying if I would allow it.
Cozy sweater from Banana
Large cocktail ring from JCrewCozy sweater from Anthropologie

Skinny jeans so I can revisit the whole tuck the jeans in the boots thing, I'm thinking something cheap in case it doesn't work out like from Target or Old Navy.This snuggly scarf from Anthropologie.

This sweater in black, Anthropologie.

If I can make it through November not buying clothes, I get to reward myself with these running tights for the gym.


fu said...


what seems to be the problem with your headline photo? you wanna make it smaller? bigger? i think you have to change the photo itself and reload it in order to change the way it looks.

i remember cutting my photo into a particular size and whatnot before loading it onto blogger...


GrosgrainBride said...

I am in love with the tan sweater and ring -- swoon!!