Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Web Finds

Here are a few of my favorite websites at the moment:

http://www.youlookfab.com/ Gives the hopeless people like me some ideas on how to develop their own personal style. Recently I learned how to successfully tuck my jeans into my boots, a trend I kind of loathe. While I now know how to pull it off, even with my figure, I just couldn't pull the trigger on that one and go out in public that way. Maybe another day.

http://www.sitorsquat.com/ This website rates bathrooms and can also be downloaded to your Blackberry or iPhone. So when you're out downtown and you need to use the loo, this little gem can help direct you to the cleanest bathroom in the vicinity. Unfortunately Austin doesn't have the greatest coverage, but maybe we can all pitch in and rate some bathrooms to change that?

http://www.retailmenot.com/ Before you hit "complete purchase" when shopping online, check this site. You can look up lots of coupon codes for your favorite retailers and see people's comments on if the code actually works or not.

http://www.shopittome.com/ You sign up for this email service where you tell them your favorite stores and a couple times a week they send you emails when things go on sale. For example, there's a little dress at JCrew I've been eyeing for a while. I got an email yesterday that it was now 50% off. ::sigh:: If only I hadn't given up clothes shopping for the month of November.

http://www.urbanspoon.com/ This is another application you can put on your iPhone. If you're in the mood for Italian, it can find the nearest Italian restaurant. I plan on stealing D's iPhone and loading this little baby onto it. It's also useful on the desktop as well.

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