Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I am having a wretched week thus far. You know when you are just having a terrible time and you just want to get away from yourself? This is how I feel.

Monday-car troubles, Darryl to the rescue. Had trouble with a client, can't go into detail about that on here, but it made me want to scream. Skipped yoga, felt guilty.

Tuesday-literally 50% of my office is out sick, mostly with strep throat, making it hard to get things done. Also, I spent 3 hours working on a Health and Safety plan, added a map to the document, which corrupted the file. I called our IT desk because our local IT person was out sick, I got disconnected twice. Finally I got to stay on the line and they couldn't fix it. Went home, ate some paella from the Soup Peddler, which was gross. Skipped Body Jam, felt guilty. Then settled down to play with the doggys, put my hand in a puddle of urine soaked carpet, Ginger's first "accident" in the house, so I sent her outside while I cleaned up. Then Darryl and I climbed into bed to watch TV and I went to let Ginger back in the house. She'd been playing in the mud and she comes bounding in, jumps on the bed, gets muddy paw prints all over our white duvet and settles in on my side of the bed, so now my side of the bed is all muddy. So then Darryl has to bathe her while I change the sheets.

Wednesday-Woke up in a terrible mood. Meet with coworker to discuss plan for field work Thursday. Realize that it's going to be a lot harder than I'd originally anticipated and am kind of dreading Thursday.

On a brightish note, I stopped for a latte and a croissant at Cafe Medici this morning to make myself feel better. Also, I forgot to pack both a breakfast and lunch. Wretched.


fu said...


sorry you're having such a wretched week. hope it starts to look up. about the header...i'm not sure...i do remember having to find a big enough photo so that there wouldn't be any blank space on the left and right. and then i had to cut only a sliver of a really big picture of ice cream to fill up the entire header space. there was a lot of trial and error going on.

however, i actually like the picture you have now. i don't think it's necessary that we see you and the FI's faces. and i'm not just saying that.


Milltini said...

I am sorry dear! I hope the week turns around for you.

Amy (Metz) Walker said...

Yuck, sorry to read you are having such a hard time. It always seems like when it rains it pours!

Hope you feel better soon!!

lyra said...

I'm sorry Kelly! Starbucks' gingersnap lattes have cheered me up twice in the past 2 reminds me that Christmas, aka vacation, will be here soon!