Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Avocado Law

I'm sitting here waiting for the dishwasher repairman (read: total waste of my day, it's now nearly 4 PM and still no sign of him) and I think I have discovered something great. I had heard a rumor that if you leave a pit in an avocado it won't turn all brown and gross. I tested this theory last night, using half of one in our dinner salads and retaining the pit half in a ziploc baggie. Today, no brown on my avocado!

I also may be onto a brilliant guacamole recipe. Fresh avocado + dash of lime juice + seasoned salt= genius. Who knew? I guess I should lick the bowl clean since I have no functioning dishwasher....

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Tina said...

Yes!! It totally works. AND, if you want to try and grow an avocado tree, take the pit, wrap it in a wet--but not dripping--paper towel, put it all in a plastic baggy and throw it under the sink for a few weeks. After it cracks and starts to split, put it in a pot of dirt and it will grow.

We got it to work once(after about 10 tries....). I love avocado. :P