Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Lunch Musings

  • Do you think I could plug a crockpot into the inverter in my car? I am planning a drive to Houston for the holidays and am planning on contributing to the Christmas Eve meal. How sweet would it be to arrive and my contribution be ready for the table? One obvious concern is my car smelling like food for, oh, eternity?

  • I am so thankful for Etsy. I have all these little DIY projects I want to accomplish for the wedding (note that I am the antithesis of crafty). I can now throw $60 at that problem.


Kate said...

never fear! the poppies stamp is fabulous and oh so fun - i think you will be very pleased with your purchase! i just wish we were staying at the same address so i could use it longer - I'm going to have to make another order!

PS: totally plug your crock in - there are much worse car smells than a car smelling of delicious cookery!

Christine said...

Hey i just saw an add for a crock pot that has clamps on either side of the top to help hold it on. It is made for traveling. Maybe that could be an option?

hiero said...

not a good idea to use the crockpot on your inverter, might pop something while you're driving (not to mention any quick maneuvers you might have to make could put whatever's inside the crockpot totally on the outside of said crockpot...)