Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Victory is mine!

I think I got the pee smell out of our help with Petzyme (thanks to the Waspy Redhead). I went to Petsmart and spent a small fortune on urine deodorizers, with Petey barking, running in place, and making a general scene the whole time. I think Petzyme is going to replace my Nature's Miracle. Not pleased with how it worked on the couch. I also got this stuff called Get Serious which I'll save for a later emergency. With my little super soakers, I'm sure we'll use it at some point.

All right friends, checked the scale this morning, we are at 1X7, loss of 4 lbs, despite my disasterous eating last week and my, *cough* stop reading if you're a man *cough*, shall we say monthly hormonal weight fluxuations?

In case you haven't been following along, here's my super sneaky weight scale, in lieu of stating my actual weight on my blog, I have devised a system for you to follow my weight loss without giving TMI. Here is my scale, each letter represents a position in the tens place of my weight:

W-Oh shit, I'm fat.
X-I am not ghastly, but I am not happy with my physique.
Y-I am looking good.
Z-I am a skinny bitch.

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