Friday, January 30, 2009

25 Things

I was tagged by my friend Lyra on Facebook and by The Waspy Redhead, in their “25 things” posts, the instructions were to write 25 random facts, habits, goals, fears etc. and then tag some people to do the same.

1. I saw Spoon perform live last spring. They were terrible. It was the first time I saw a band live and consequently liked them less.

2. I signed up to run the Capital 10k, somebody for the love of God please sign up to do it with me. Also, do not judge me when I stop to walk after the first 5k.

3. My cube is adorable, if there was some sort of adorable cube contest at my work, I'd win, hands down.

4. I ate an apple today in a fit of anger. My computer crashed and I had to gnaw on something.

5. You know how you feel when you first meet someone and you're all working to impress them and are all insecure? I thought I'd never feel that way again since D and I are getting married, but last night I had a dream and it was like when we were first dating, the feeling totally came rushing back. I immediately woke up and snuggled him.

6. I would like to attend cooking school some day.

7. My dog Ginger is obsessed with sitting in my lap when I'm in our office at the desk. I don't know what it is about that desk/chair/room but she goes ape shit if I don't put her on my lap, then she licks the keyboard.

8. I keep saying I'm going to join Weight Watchers, but I know I'm procrastinating because I'm afraid it won't help me at all.

9. Darryl and I talk on the phone every day, I think we've gone without speaking maybe 3 times in the 5+ years we've been together.

10. No matter how annoyed I am at Darryl, no matter how many hours I've been stewing over something, he walks in the door and I can't stay mad because I'm just so dang happy to see him. This gets him off the hook more than he'll ever know.

11. I am scared at how much I love my dog Petey. I like Ginger just fine, but she bites me, hard, without warning and then pees on my couch and bed for no good reason. Petey is a total snuggle bug. I think if anything ever happened to him my heart would stop. I think if anything ever happened to Ginger, his heart would stop.

12. My favorite thing about my new job is that they don't treat me like a field tech.

13. I love to entertain, my favorite thing to cook are hors d'erves.

14. I love to watch my dogs greet each other, they touch noses and wag their tails.

15. I am concerned by the way people my age eat junk/fast food. I cringe when I see people with fast food cups or sacks in their hands.

16. I love Asian food, I get crazy cravings for it.

17. I wish I could get up when my alarm goes off, but I snooze for like 45 minutes.

18. I once dated someone who would get angry when I hit the snooze button. What is wrong with you? Who doesn't like to snooze?

19. I came close to hippying out pretty hard in college, right before I met Darryl. It was a time where I seriously considered shaving my head, braiding my hair, and getting my nose pierced. I am glad I never defiled my hair, but I do regret not getting the nose piercing. The most hippied out I got was going around braless with a scarf in my hair.

20. I sometimes wish I could live the life of a south Austin hipster for a month. Generally I think they're ghastly, but I was sitting at a diner on SoCo tonight thinking, I wish I had a crazy arm tat and face piercing and a very interesting outfit on with some sort of crazy looking hair held back by a scarf. I bet I'd take a lot of smoke breaks and talk to my friends about some band that no one has ever heard of but that's playing at SXSW.

21. I really like the 70's as an era, I think we can draw many parallels to today. I'm obsessed with all TV shows and movies that depict this time period. If I could go back in time, that's when I'd go. I loved Swingtown, I wish it was still on the air.

22. Sometimes when I'm really working hard on an environmental cleanup site I fantasize about Captain Planet coming in and saving the day. Sometimes I even sing the theme song softly to myself.

23. I think that getting all upity about certain chemicals in Nalgene bottles is rediculous. I hate people who throw away their perfectly good Nalgenes. If you knew the cocktail of much worse things you are exposed to on a daily basis, some plastic chemical in your Nalgene would be the least of your concerns. I am trained to know what I am coming in contact with. I'm surprised I'm not already growing a 3rd arm based on just what we have around the house.

24. I have a friend who was horrified that her mother suggested she clean her child's high chair with a bleach wipe, prefering a more gentle cleaning method. I on the otherhand, consider bleach the only acceptable cleaning method. Hope my baby likes bleach.

25. I can't stand people "Going Green". It's so trendy. I know, ultimately, it's hella annoying but worth tolerating if it raises awareness, but I still think people who bring canvas bags to the grocery stores are giant posers.

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Milltini said...

I am SUCH a bad snoozer to. In fact, my D. and I had a conversation the other day that this needs to be a goal for us--setting the alarm clock for a specific time (even if we have to set it slightly later) and ACTUALLY GETTING UP. We probably snooze 4-5 times per morning. Ridiculous.

Also, I want to see pictures of this adorable cube! I've tried with mine, but its just so gray and blah...

hiero said...

... he's our hero... gonna take pollution down to zerooo...

that'll stick for a little while... thanks

Elizabeth said...

I had a crush on Captain Planet when I was little... and thanks to this post I have had the theme song stuck in my head since Friday!

On an unrelated note, I think I have finally kicked my addiction to the snooze button. The key is having windows on all three sides of the headboard so that you are bombarded with light first thing in the morning. Having ghetto neighbors with a rooster in their backyard helps too.