Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ain't No Thing But A Chicken Wing

Ginger is my little chow hound, always underfoot when I'm cooking in the kitchen, moves at the speed of light when the dishwasher is opened to lick food off the dishes, etc. In fact, she's so underfoot in the kitchen, I've accidentally kicked her in the face a few times while in the flurry of food prep. She does come in handy when I spill something and is usually pretty good if I drop something she shouldn't have, like onion bits, I can usually yell at her and scare her off from it.

However, last night was not one of those occasions. I was preparing a chicken enchilada casserole (which never happened, ingredients have been tabled for tonight) and I accidentally dropped a chicken wing on the floor. Technically, it never even hit the floor because she swooped in and took off with it. Then there was a comical chase with Petey and I throughout the house which culminated in my bedroom where she scurried under the bed. Sticking your hand under the bed to take something away from her is usually asking for a severely bitten finger, but I was fearless in my pursuit. Unfortunately she wriggled to the opposite side of the bed, so I ran around to the other side and of course, then she wriggled back to the first side so I couldn't reach her. I was about to start ripping off the mattress and removing the box spring when she came trotting out, no wing in site. I looked under the bed for it, no sign. Then it occurs to me that she swallowed the damn thing whole!

Next came a phone call to the vet who recommended I bring her in to induce vomiting. Chicken bones can splinter and could cause intestinal blockage or perforation. I know a lot of bigger dogs can get away with this sort of thing, but she's only 14 lbs and has teeny intestines. So we go in, they put a tiny pill inside her eyelid and tell me to walk her around outside. Sure enough, Ginger yacks up the chicken wing, still in one piece. I take her back in, they take the pill out of her eye, rinse it out, add some ointment and send us on our way. I thought about photographing the regurgitated chicken wing for the blog, but thought better of it. You might be reading this over lunch ;).

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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what's more disgusting, a barfed up whole chicken wing or a pill you can put in your eye that makes you barf. Yikes!

I thought Petey was a boy?