Monday, January 19, 2009

Makeup Trial = Success

This weekend I had my makeup trial with Adrienne Pitkin, she was super sweet and I love the look she came up with. A little extra glam, but I still look like myself. I of course kept my face done up for the birthday party I went to Saturday night. It was a good test on the wear time.

Me lending my vocal stylings to La Bamba on Guitar Hero World Tour.

D and I, makup holding up well after 4 hours.

Kristen of Life in the Mozart State and I preparing to kick out the jams and rock the block.


carli {inkedFingers} said...

#1. Your makeup looks fabulous!
#2. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Love, Your Photog

Kristen said...

Happy Birthday!

And, why is my mouth ALWAYS open in pictures? Do I always looks so slack-jawed?

Once A Bride said...

The makeup looks fabulous! Happy Bday, too!

Princess Selina said...

I love the way your makeup turned out! Very glam! And Happy birthday!

Grosgrain Bride said...

Very pretty! Congrats on the success (my trial was a massive FAIL!)