Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Oh God Oh God Oh God

I just spied the most PERFECT shoes for me to wear on my wedding day on the JCrew website. Technically I already have some because I had to frantically rush out and buy them because I had to be measured for my dress in them so they could do the hem at a custom length. BUT those were cheapo $20 shoes we got on clearance at DSW and these shoes just scream "Wear me, love me!" AND their heel height is perfect. But alas, their price tag is $265. I have not wanted shoes so badly in such a long time but I am not an expensive shoe buying type of gal. So here I am sitting in my computer chair, feet tucked under me so I'm sort of in an upright fetal position, rocking back and forth saying "Oh God, Oh God, how am I not going to buy these!"


Jenny.Lee said...

maybe they will go on sale before the wedding???

Kate said...

Kelly... you MUST purchase them! I literally had the EXACT same issue - ordered other shoes b/c they needed my hem measurements - didn't love them - fell in love with YOUR EXACT SHOES (in marigold yellow - or i think jcrew calls it deep yellow) - agonized... purchased... HEAVEN! They are so beautiful in person and comfy!

Even my mother, Practical Polly, rooted for their purchase!


Alexis said...

Are these Kate's shoes? Think maybe she got them in yellow? They're really cute and, you know, you only get married once!! :-)

fu said...

you must get these shoes. forget charlotte and be carrie for a day. hell, even charlotte bought expensive shoes. oh oh, just let the guy at j crew rub your feet for a couple of minutes. i smell discount.