Sunday, January 4, 2009

Weekend Recap

I am starting to note a serious lack of photos of my real life on this blog. The photos provided herein are courtesy of The Waspy Redhead. I think my new year's resolution is to add a little more photojournalism to my life. Here's a rundown of my weekend:

Thursday-Nursed massive hangover and prepared pot of famous chili recipe that I first discovered New Year's Day 2001. This chili is epic, I have many chili-haters in my life and I have converted many a person through it. The key is I use stew meat rather than ground beef. MOH and friend Marion came in from Ft. Worth for a bowl of said chili and we caught up and watched Tropic Thunder (saw it in the theater, might have been my fav movie of 2008 besides SATC).

the crew by the campfire

Friday-Brunch at Sweetish Hill with a huge gaggle of college girlfriends. Was WONDERFUL to play catch up with everyone. Ran some errands and prepared for camping trip at Pedernales Falls. Finally got the car and Petey loaded and got on our way. Ginger was NOT pleased about being left behind. Darryl called to say she was freaking out by the garage door and kept sniffing at her leash. She and Petey are such a sweet duo, they hate to be separated. D was struggling with a sore throat so he opted to stay home with Ginger. Met up with The Waspy Redhead, et al for camping. Used the new dutch oven my parents gave us for Christmas to prepare peach cobbler, it was considered a great success.

2 cans of peaches (big cans, like 28 oz)
1 box yellow cake mix
1/3 cup of butter chopped up and placed on top of cake mix
place 15 coals below and 10 coals on lid, cook for 45 min


Was harassed by park ranger for being too loud and drinking beer in a state park, which although beer cans and drinking is ubiquitous in all state parks, I was forced to pour out my half a can of Bud Light. Thankfully, no tickets were issued.

Saturday-Hiked around with the Petey Monster, most of the other dogs we were hiking with pooped out and had to be carried. Petey could have probably towed them on a little wagon with all his extra energy. Enjoyed a dinner accompanied by cheesey potato wedges baked in the dutch oven. Then Petey started acting funny and I realized we had a doggy diarrhea situation, probably from the river water he drank while splashing through. I contemplated driving home and returning in the morning to pick up my camping equipment, a dog with a gastrointestinal issue inside a tent is not a recipe for a good night's sleep. I decided to tough it out and despite having to get up multiple times for him to do his business, we made it through the night without a major tent soiling event.


Sunday-Broke camp ASAP, headed back to Austin where Petey got a bath, some canned pumpkin and ice cubes (he wouldn't drink, but he was happy to chomp down a cube every couple hours, good for tricking them into hydrating), and some general TLC for his tummy. He got tons of sympathy and spent most of the day curled up either in his bed or at the foot of mine. I even put the Dog Whisperer on for him, he likes to look at the screen and cock his head to the side when the dogs on the show have a meltdown. He seems to be doing okay now and I've never seen the pumpkin fail in binding up these sorts of issues, so if we're still having problems into tomorrow it might be time to see the vet. I made my chicken tikka masala for dinner, cleaned out the Tivo, and caught up with Darryl.


Princess Selina said...

Hi Kelly. What is this pumpkin method you speak of for the Petey's upset stomach? I haven't heard of it and sometimes I don't know how to make the puppies feel better when they are having stomach issues...Looks like you had a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hey, sounds like you guys had fun camping. Sorry I never called you about that... :-( Victor and I spent all day Saturday removing the big ugly holly bush from our backyard (a project I thought would take an hour that turned into 5, as usual) and we were pooped that night.

Apparently Inks Lake has cabins you can rent for super cheap. I'm all about cabin camping, we should do that some weekend.