Friday, February 27, 2009

Brownies (and I use that term loosely) Round 1

After visiting the supermarket and seeing a wide variety of available brownie mixes, I decided to go for the jugular and try my bean brownie's with the healthiest mix available. I bought Hodgson Mills brownie mix, made with wheat flower and flax seed meal and turbinado sugar. I did the bean puree thing, added it and baked. According to my calculations, this should provide me with essential omega 3 oils and fiber and protein to make me feel full all at the cost of 2 points.
However, taste and texture are a major issue. I can't really describe how they taste, but they don't taste good. I think the issue here is more about the wheat flower and the flax seed meal. I'm not willing to rule out the beans just yet. I judge them, inedible, although I just choked down 1. Blech. Waste of points.
Up next, I try the beans with Pillsbury reduced sugar mix.


hiero said...

this sounds like an experiment that should not continue!!!!

Kristen said...

Yeah, I don't know on that one...whole wheat stuff in general is hard to get right at home and then the beans... I'd just find a brownie alternative for a while.

That tempeh I make is just a pack of tempeh (I get the three grain one from Whole Foods) and cut it into bite sized cubes. I sautee it with soy sauce (just enough to coat it and give it some flavor) until it's warmed all the way through and browed on all sides. Then I toss it with sauteed veggies. But I'm actually trying a new recipe this weekend that sounds like it'll be way better so if it turns out good I'll give you that one.

Jenny.Lee said...

Hopefully the second try will go better. Let us know!

elizabeth said...

Yikes. I was really hoping that would work and I could be allowed to eat brownies daily. My mom joined weight watchers and I'm going to steal all her literature so I can play along.