Thursday, February 19, 2009

Celebration Plates

In lieu of a traditional guest book, which I am convinced we'll never look at again, I've opted to order a Celebration Plate (well it's actually a platter), see example above. I couldn't copy the photo of the design, the vendor has their photos on lockdown. I figure it'll be nice to have a platter to serve our guests in our home and they can find their signature on it, etc. You just have everyone sign with these special pens, then you bake it in your oven and voila!


Amanda said...

And it never fades or anything? Very cool!

Ashley said...

i'm allll about non-traditional guest books! we had our guests sign two wine bottles (we found a brand that had a big "R" on the bottle, our initial) we have one displayed in the kitchen and one on a photo shelf... I LOOOOVE THEM and all the sweet messages!!