Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekend Recap

Met up with David from Hiero's Experiments to check out a new resteraunt in our hood. Well, it's not new exactly, but new to us. We went to Ross's Old Austin Cafe (Sidebar: It makes me crazy that everyone spells it Ross' Old Austin Cafe. Ross isn't plural. Just because there's an S at the end of a word, you don't go willy nilly throwing your punctuation on the end! Go to school.) I had a yummy baked potato with chili on top. It was good to see you David! Then we went home and watched Step Brothers which was a cinematic abomination, but I still laughed out loud quite a bit.

Got up, got my allergy shot, then went with Darryl to run around Town Lake. I use that term losely becuase this was my first outdoor run and the variations in the grade almost threw me into a panic attack. We brought Ginger, much to D's chagrin, she wasn't moving very fast, pooped in the middle of the trail, and her squatty little frame made for a comical running buddy. We ran some misc errands and I got down to the important business of researching for my Vegas bachelorette trip (LESS THAN A MONTH AWAY!)

Dinner was lamb burgers with feta and mint and a salad. Afterwards we met up with some of the usual suspects to go bowling. I almost beat Darryl, but he won by one point. I was crushed.

Woke up and D and I opened some engagement gifts from my aunt. Then Christine came over and helped me try on my wedding dress to verify the hem was the correct length (it was, thank God) and then we spent the afternoon lunching, shopping, and planning Vegas. Dinner was a disgusting WW concoction that we shall never speak of again.

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hiero said...

Good to see you two as well! glad you had time to come out!
next time we'll have to cook together and invite a couple of folks over or something (not that I'm imposing or anything =P)