Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Word of the Day = Soffit

Today I learned a new word, soffit. It's basically the underbelly of the eaves of your house. How did I learn it? I came home and said, "Oh shit, 15 feet of the soffit on the front of my house fell down." Darryl is out of the country, along with most of his male buddies whom I would typically call on in this situation. It seems like I should tack it back up so moisture and critters stay out of there. However, my mother talked me out of getting up on a ladder so close to my bachelorette party. No one needs to be on crutches for their last night of singleness. T-minus 9 days! I've sent out an APB to all the dudes I know that are still in Austin to see if they can come over and help.
In other news, now is a great time to go to Vegas. I checked hotel prices and they'd dropped by more than 50% since when I booked, so I cancelled my reservation and then rebooked at the cheaper rate. Hilton Las Vegas, strip view, $50 a night on a WEEKEND (usually $200ish). Thanks economy. I guess this recession is finally doing something good for me?

1 comment:

Jill said...

what the!?!?!?!? DUDE! i learned the word soffit today!!! it's the top of the inside of a culvert.

i'm sorry but that is just the weirdest thing. soffit really is the word of the day!

also- this 10k business is looking grim. i am uber sore from running 2 miles and walking 1. how far are you able to run without stopping? better yet, what is your e-mail so we can discuss this... i'm jillers1219 at hotmail dot com. :)