Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Confession Monday Responses

Alright ladies (and gentleman), thanks so much for your questions! Here are my responses:

What Made Me Become a Geologist

It sort of just happened, my senior year of high school I took both geology and environmental science and was in this nerdy little club called Academic Decathlon where we studied a lot and took quizzes in front of people. The theme for that year's competition was related to environmental science, plus I visited UT and spoke with a professor in the geology department and he urged me to enter into the environmental side of geology because of projected career growth (as compared to the oil industry). I also used to be a space camp counsellor and I learned that a geologist got to go to the moon on Apollo 17 and I really wanted to pursue planetary geology in the hopes of going to Mars someday. So then I went to UT as a geology major and ADORED my intro class, so I was hooked! The next 1.5 years were pretty heinous and I wanted to defect to law school to practice environmental law, but I changed my mind my senior year of college and decided to go into environmental consulting instead. And here I am.

Favorite Book

Jane Eyre, pretty sure I'm the only one who likes it. I am so enthralled by their love story. I also enjoyed Marley and Me, I was really stressed out and suffering from insomnia for weeks. Reading that book before I went to sleep at night helped me to unwind and solved my insomnia!

Have I Killed Anyone at My New Job Yet?

No, I had a close call on Monday, but David, you are correct sir, this is not appropriate blog fodder. I would say I'm much happier overall at my new company.

Serena VS Vanessa

Serena, I want to be the IT girl. Young, skinny, blond, and fabulous.

What Time Period Do I Belong In?

Lately, I've really been identifying with the 1970's. To me, the 70's represent the last decade before excess really took over. I live in a house built in the late 70's, it is tiny by today's standards, but was probably pretty common during those days, nothing was super sized yet, the pace of life was slower, there was still a lot of discovery happening in American society as they recovered from the disillusionment of the Vietnam war, pushed for women's rights and saw the rise of the adult entertainment industry. In many ways, I see the 70's as the time where America truly "came of age, " and I wish I could have seen it.

How Did D and I Meet? (and where did I grow up)

I grew up in the suburbs of Houston, which is also where D grew up. We went to neighboring high schools, I even used to shop at the record store where he worked, but I never knew him. Sometimes I wonder if he rang me up for some CD I bought in high school, kind of makes me think.

Anyways, we both went to UT, I dated one of his fraternity brothers and was invited to become a little sister to their fraternity. We had a lot of mutual friends and I knew of him, I even found photos of us out to dinner with friends but at different ends of the table, he was always there but I never paid him any attention, I DO remember my girlfriends talking about how sexy he was and coming running excitedly into my apartment when he and his college girlfriend split up. I still didn't care, I had a boyfriend, whatev.

So my senior year, shortly after my college bf got the big heave ho, the president of the frat (who was also my big bro) asked if I could put D down as my "husband" on my season football tickets since he was an alumni and wanted to get tickets at the student price. I thought that I would probably buy the tickets and then this Darryl character would be all lame about paying me back, but I figured since my big bro was the president, he could help me out if D turned out to be a deadbeat (he was excellent about paying me back, FYI). So since we were "married" our seats were together for the entire season. I was on crutches but went to a tailgate before the first game anyways and saw Darryl there, he'd grown his hair out long, which is TOTALLY my weakness so I immediately took notice. He was sweet and helped me clunk around on my crutches, one thing led to another and now we're going to legitimately be husband and wife, not just UT football spouses. My favorite part of our relationship is that it keeps getting better with time, D never ceases to amaze me :).

Our First NYE Together 2003/2004

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I get kisses said...

I love how you guys were " married" in college and now it's going to come true. My husband and I also knew of each other but were never friends, we even had a Spanish class together but for the life of us we do not recall each other being there, except one time when we made piƱatas- I made a heart and he made a pig.

What subs are u from? I live in the cypress Katy area.