Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Weight Watchers Conspiracy

For those of you who have never done WW, when you do something good, they give you a gold star and announce it at the meeting and everyone claps. When you attend your second meeting, you're supposed to get recognized and you get a bookmark (above). The weigh in lady didn't write me down on the celebration sheet, so I did not get a bookmark. So then you lose 5 lbs and you get a star. I got my star, but of course had no place to put it, so I just stuck it in my book, whatever. Last night I hit the point where lost 5% of my starting body weight, where I was supposed to get a ginormous 5% star. Of course the lady didn't write me down. I have been obsessing about that freaking 5% star for weeks. Obviously it's more about the goal, but I want my freaking star!
I don't feel like I can speak up when they're giving out awards because I'm pretty much the skinniest person in the room. Also last night I overheard some ladies by me talking about how much they hated this lady they knew for wanting to lose weight because in their mind she was already pretty trim, so I pretty much didn't dare say "Ahem, what about my star?"
My sentiment has always been that the lady weighing me in just isn't on top of things (how can you not be though, your job is to take money, write down weights, and write down names on the recognition slip) but this is not rocket science and this lady has failed me 2 out of 3 times. Then she tells me that I can meet with the meeting leader to set my goal weight or become a lifetime member, basically telling me I can stop losing weight now. I told my mom about the whole thing and she made a comment that now has me thinking that there is now some sort of conspiracy against me since I am not 300 lbs. I'll keep going though because according to Weight Watchers law, I am allowed to lose 16 more lbs, stars or no stars.


Christy said...

Huh, that's weird. Shouldn't everyone be allowed to have their goals? You earned those stars, dang it, she needs to hand 'em over!!!

Jenny.Lee said...

I'll be honest, I have wondered about this before.

Anonymous said...

Okay, first of all, considering the education level of a person whose job is "Weigh Watchers Weigher-Iner", it probably is like rocket science.

Second, I seriously hate when people who are larger than you get all mad when you have a weight loss goal. Just because I'm thinner than somebody doesn't mean that I too didn't gain 5 pounds over the holidays that I want to lose. I say, get into whatever shape makes you feel best. As long as your healthy there's no reason you should stop losing weight just because your the thinnest person in a weight loss group. That's like quitting learning just because you've become the smartest person in a special ed class.

And I'm done. :-)