Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Devil is in the Details

Unfortunately for me, I am very detail oriented, which is making this last month of wedding preparation excruciating. Things that never occurred to me are suddenly popping into my brain. My life consists of 3 things, work, weight watchers/the gym, and the wedding. I feel like it's ALL I do and all 3 areas are incredibly time consuming and demanding.

Anyways, enough bitching and moaning, here's what I accomplished this weekend:

  • My jewelry came in, hooray!
  • I updated the registry
  • I made my photo contribution to the slide show
  • I ran ALL over to get votive holders and pink votives for the reception tables, who knew pink would be so hard to find?
  • I ordered paper lanterns to decorate the veranda
  • I bought wrapping paper and gift bags for attendant gifts
  • I helped my mom plan out the gift bags
  • I updated the RSVP list
  • I helped my mom pick out her wedding outfit
  • I wrote 4 detailed pages for our out of town guests of anything and everything you can do in Austin
  • I helped D with the programs
  • I bought some other random other decorations for the reception
  • I went through the budget in detail with my mother
  • I discussed, ad nauseum, everything that was going to happen the wedding weekend from sending the dog to the kennel, to dropping off the gift bags, to the grand departure
  • My dad and I picked our dance song
We are now down to the piddly small stuff. I think I'm all tapped out, it's a bad sign when you are looking forward to Monday to escape the weekend...

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Enginerd said...

omg me too! the last month of details won't go away! today i realized i didn't know what i was using for a cake stand, server, or champagne flutes.

and last week my dj asked where we were exiting from. and where the power sources were for him. heck if i know! where did these things come from!?