Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wedding Timeline Frustration

I have a question to pose to all you newlyweds out there, tell me if I'm crazy:

My ceremony (which is 6 days away) starts at 5 PM. My florist wants to setup at 3 PM. My caterer, who is bringing things like chairs for the ceremony and the reception, refuses to arrive earlier than 3 PM. I said, "okay, do you think you can have the chairs for the ceremony set up by 3:30, I can push back my florist." They said "no, our priority will be in setting up the reception hall, once that's done, we'll get to your chairs." Note that I am paying them extra to set up these effing chairs.

How does this make sense, we're going to need the chairs set up so we can have the ceremony? Therefore, we need them more urgently than the reception setup. The reception doesn't even start until like 6. I mean, these people are professionals so part of me wants to say, whatever, you do this for a living, I wash my hands of it. However, I'm pretty sure left to their own devices, will end up with my florist still decorating the chapel as people are arriving.

So now my poor wedding coordinator is left to set up 71 chairs by herself (because some will already be there at the site that are included in our venue rental), even though I'm paying someone else to do it. We thought about having the groomsmen do it but they don't need to get all gross and sweaty before the day even begins. My caterer didn't include gratuity in their bill, let's just say that this will be remembered come tipping time. Kind of furious with them over this, but I don't think a big showdown with them will help at this point, I think we all just need to find a way to solve the problem. Argh.

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Jenny.Lee said...

Call me old fashioned but since you are paying them shouldn't they do as you ask?????