Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I'm not going to lie, I blushed a little when I saw this fab photo Carli posted. I was like, "OMG my dad can't see this". Then I remembered I'm married. Deal with it.

Thought this one was just cute.

Also, while we're talking marriage, don't tell my husband I bought these things. We haven't merged bank accounts yet, so the less he knows the better.
I needed a black swimsuit, I needed a bandeau to even out my tan lines, and I have a stomach bug (which I initially diagnosed online as malaria) which is pretty much keeping me from eating and will hopefully help me drop that last 5 pounds (that and re-signing with a personal trainer). See, buying this suit was like making lemonade from lemons. And the lemons were on sale. And I survived malaria. Bitch, don't judge.

I got this tissue tee that Kate blogged about, I really wanted it in white but it's back ordered until August. August! As in the summer is almost over. Well, not really in Texas, but I will have forgotten about you in August, shirt. Unless you are as fabulous as everyone makes you out to be.

And finally, my greatest splurge, but perhaps the most justifiable piece, this shirt (paired with the most ghastly pants known to man, WTF?) . I am a sucker for a nice button down. It's good for work, it's good for weekends, it's light enough to wear during the summer. Now I'm going to go eat some asparagus and a Diet Coke and try not to pass out from lack of food or throw up from ingestion of food. Yay.


Alexis said...

Oooh...i seriously heart that second picture! I want to see all your pictures! Normally, I don't have the patience to look through all 800 of someone pictures (I so wish they'd just make a story for me from the best) but I'm so curious to see your wedding since it was at Star Hill and we had some of the same vendors!

Oh...and I never heard of a husband getting angry over a bikini - I think you're safe there.

Kate said...

(a) HOT pic!

(b) You will NOT regret the ruffle tissue tee... I now own 4... Recession: FAIL!

Miss M! said...

LMAO - this bitch will not judge! :)

Milltini said...

That picture is amazing! And I LOVE the tissue tees. I followed kate's orders and got one as well and it was a good move!

Amanda @ Bits & Pieces said...

Where's the black swimsuit from? Love it!

The Waspy Redhead said...

Hot photo! Ok I'm going to cave and order a tissue tee. Had been dissobeying Kate and adhering to debt reduction plan, but I deserve it!

Miss you! We need to schedule a date now preplanned wedding activites are done with. Also, force Seymore to start blogging. I must read all about her and Parkers adorableness!