Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weekend Recap

Friday Night
Rallied and took coworker from NYC on a tour of Austin's nightlife. I also managed to conquer solid food and even felt bold enough to have a glass of wine with dinner (which I later regretted) at the Belmont. I also felt like this alcohol consumption was critical since my plague had been widely rumored around the office as "morning sickness". Rumor squashed.

Spent whole day helping Christine and Parker move. This was a move of epic proportions, I typically sell/give away as much furniture as possible prior to moving, do not own a washer/drier (and I don't plan to take the ones that came with my house with me on our next move), and it's always been just me moving so I'm usually done by lunch time so I grossly misjudged my schedule for the day. You add 2 people's stuff to the mix and it really kicks it up a notch, but they bought us pizza and beer so I really didn't care that we got done just in time for me to run home and shower up for fajitas at Kevin and Elaine's house.

It started to sprinkle outside so everyone moved into the kitchen and it inexplicably became "let's down a bottle of tequila in an hour" time. Not so much by me, per say, I participated at a level that someone who had recently filled a prescription for anti-nausea meds should, which was minimal, but I had to include this picture. Someone decided to help me pour salt onto my hand and this is what happened. Elaine told me her kitchen floor was completely covered in salt the next morning.

Woke up delightfully not hung over, there's something to be said about dialing it back on the drinking. Went to Target and Pei Wei for lunch with D, then hit up the office to get a bit of makeup time in for my sick day this week. I did our grocery shopping, cooked a pot roast (which was a new recipe and turned out marginal) in the crockpot. You simply cannot do a pot roast properly in 4 hours, even if the pot is set to high. It's an all day affair, period.

Now I'm wrapping up a bit more work in our beautiful new office (D installed the ceiling fan, yay!) which I will post another photo of once the curtains come in this week.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so sad I had to miss fajita night!