Thursday, June 11, 2009

Not in Kansas Anymore

Survived Tornadogate 2009 unscathed. We were supposed to babysit for a friend tonight, but they cancelled. Good thing because we would have been hunkered in an interior closet with the baby, because I'm from West Texas and that's how we do it. Instead the dogs and I just chilled out and listened for the freight train. We did lose power for 3 freaking hours (note that the houses across the street had power, I assume just to taunt me). Luckily I had about 45 pink honeysuckle scented votives left from the wedding that I used to light the house and several boxes of 4 ft sparklers which I contemplated lighting up on the porch, but then decided against it.

The dogs were freaking out, someone definitely tinkled in the living room. The hail looked pretty small, so I'm hoping my garden wasn't decimated, fingers crossed. So many beautiful little green tomatoes, noooooo. Anyways, I lit up the house, put on my headlamp, did some chores, and read a magazine. By the time the power came back the temperature was up to 80 degrees. Thank you air conditioning, I would be hot and sticky without you.

Also, FYI, never ever get out of your car and seek shelter under an overpass, the way the wind whips under those things, you're in a lot more danger. Get out of your car, lie in a ditch and cover your head. We were discussing this at work one day and I asked, "so if you can't hide under an overpass, what do you do?" My coworker responded, "find a pipe sticking out of the ground and tie you and your ex-husband to it with a strap, then ride through the tornado unharmed." Yeah, that's the ending of the movie Twister. Love that someone else remembers that.


Anonymous said...

HaHa! We got hit with some awesomely strong wind and a thunderstorm or two...nothing to write home about.

Jane said...

Lots of crazy weather the past couple of days!

Anonymous said...

Ha! I forgot that's how the movie ended. Glad you didn't get hit too hard!