Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend Recap

After work Darryl and I had a late dinner at Jeffrey's, a place I've been DYING to go for years and years. It received the AAA 4 diamond award and is known as Dubya's fav place to eat in the ATX (we won't hold that against them). I put on my super hot little black dress and we went out for a night on the town. We did the 5 course tasting menu with wine parings, however, the waiter was a little heavy handed with the wine pours and 5 half glasses were more like 5 whole glasses of wine. By the time Darryl helped me out of the restaurant, I was rapping Asher Roth ("time is not wasted when you're getting wasted"). I would say I made a spectacle of myself at the nicest restaurant in Austin, but they had blue toilet water in the ladies' room. Check and mate, Jeffrey's, we. are. even.

We spent a lot of time merging financials, going to the bank, making a budget, etc. The pic above is from Saturday night at the Broken Spoke. We met up with 2 other couples and enjoyed their chicken fried steak and pitchers of Lonestar (a far cry from Friday night) and took some country dancing lessons. I got lots of invitations to dance from the older gentlemen, which Darryl didn't mind because he got to sit and relax.

Sunday was a day of chores and swimsuit shopping (I cannot tell you how hard it was to go into JCrew and attempt to stay focused, OMG and there are No Iron shirts at Banana, I die). Sunday afternoon we had pool time with friends at D's old pool, as usual.

Next weekend we're looking forward to a trip to the Salt Lick with friends and more pool time!