Tuesday, July 21, 2009

iPhone Apps

Since I recently drank the KoolAid and joined the iPhone revolution, I have been having a great time downloading all sorts of apps to my iPhone.

1. Flight Track

I loaded this guy to track Darryl's flight to China. I have his outbound and inbound flights in there, so I can track him. While I was chilling with my friends at the pool, we kept checking it, like "Where in the World is Darryl Daniel" (sung to the Carmen Sandiago theme).

2. iTimeZone

I entered Darryl's location in China and ours in Austin, now I can grab my phone and figure out what time it is where he is.

3. iheartradio

I adore KISS FM in Dallas, I used to go up to the Big D quite a bit for business and loved, loved, loved that radio station. And I love that I can listen to Kidd Kraddick in the Morning at my desk, even though my work blocks streaming media.


Jennifer said...

The fun apps are why I want an iPhone... too bad I can't do the touch-screen thing!

(PS - And I left you an award on my blog!)

(PPS or is it PSS - The word verification is "affro". Makes me laugh. Sorry...random. Haha)

Jenny.Lee said...

The apps are addicting.

Jill said...

ahh! i want an i-phone so freaking bad! not fair.

let me know if you think it's durable. jake won't let me have one because i drop my current phone all the time lol.