Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Music!

Here are my last 3 downloads from iTunes, in no particular order:
Charlie Mars-Listen to the Dark Side of the Moon

I like this one for several reasons, A) the video stars Mary Louise Parker, who I've been told by random Starbucks employees that I resemble(whatever, I'll take it), and she's smokin' hot in it B) I really dig his sound and C) the lyrics remind me of how I spent many an afternoon in college. I was friends with these guys who had like every Pink Floyd album cover in poster form all over their apartment. I once went to a fraternity semi-formal with one of the guys, who picked me up in his van, painted with the album cover of Dark Side. It was totally platonic and we were friends for many years until we lost touch, but I sure miss that van. Which reminds me, I'm going to run into him at a wedding in a couple weeks, I should ask him about it. I wish I'd taken a photo with it to prove I used to be cool...
I'd completely written off these guys after "Hey There Delilah," I was pretty burned out, but I discovered their title track from their most recent album Big Bad World. I blame a commercial on SoapNet that uses this song, I think I saw it eleventy billion times over the weekend (who knew I liked SoapNet?) and now I'm all about this song.
Finally, I cannot tell a lie, I am a hard core Shakira fan. I'm pretty biased here, I think pretty much anything she does is amazing. AND I'm not a big poser, I listened to her back in the day when her songs were only in Spanish (pretty much during the same time as my Pink Floyd phase). It's no "Hips Don't Lie" but I'll rock out to it, as much as possible, thank you.

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Jenny.Lee said...

I'm a big Shakira fan as well.