Monday, August 31, 2009

Baking Seizrure

No offence to people with actual epilepsy (as multiple members of my family do) but I can not think of any other way to describe what is going on with me in the kitchen lately, but to describe it as some sort of baking seizure. I hate baking. It's like coloring between the lines, which, since childhood, I have never enjoyed. I find it uncreative and unchallenging. But I'm starting to reconsider that notion. I originally set out to purchase a breadmaker and made it all the way to BB&B, had the Cuisinart in my hand, but had a crisis on the way to the register because I have a perfectly good stand mixer with bread hook, how could I justify dropping another $125 on another kitchen appliance. My kitchen already looks like the kitchenwares section of Macy's as it is, did I really need a breadmaker? So with breadhook in hand, I started with Smitten Kitchen's light wheat bread recipe. I bought all the supplies, but of course forgot the bread flour. Really, how important could it be (very, it ha more gluten, learn from my mistake)?

So Saturday night I took to baking bread and cleaning the house while Darryl went to a late showing of Inglorious Bastards. Note that I started my bread making shenanigans at 10 PM and didn't pull it out of the oven until 2 AM. He had time to drive to the theater, watch the movie, drive home, and still had to wait up 30 min with me to pull it out of the oven. The next morning I excitedly made us toast with it. FAIL. Apparently that gluten stuff is important. The hubs said it tasted like a mouthful of flour, it was way too dense, not as light as anything I was hoping for. Even the dogs were less than pumped to eat it.

So I came to terms with the gluten issue, bought some bread flour at the store and this mix:

I know it's BS, but I'm going to try an easy route this time, I'm going to toss the first loaf and make this second one as soon as the mixer/dough hook come out of the dish washer. Also on the agenda for the near future, Paula Deen's Ultimate Coffee Cake recipe, looks redic easy and I can make it with pecans from our trees that I froze and can bake it while I'm getting ready for work and show up with hot deliciousness. A coworker revealed to me today that it was his birthday (YES, PERFECT excuse to bring baked goodies into the office), then I remembered he's diabetic (FAIL). I also have big plans for Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls and cinnamon sticky buns. Note that I am not eating this stuff, just having a bite or two, basically fattening everyone around me, sorry friends, but I have to learn somehow.

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Anonymous said...

I can relate to your baking woes. I went through a couple of hiccups last week. Good luck with loaf #2!