Sunday, August 23, 2009


A week or so ago I came to terms with the waning contents of viable work apparel in my closet (things tend to get stained, worn out, stretched, etc) and decided to purchase a few new items. Given that I barely have time for anything these days (much less being a good blogger, sorry friends) I decided to do a little shopping online, ordering packages from my favorite fashion trinity, Banana, JCrew, and Antrho in a half experiment in seeing who could get their goodies to my doorstep the fastest. The verdict, Antro, mostly because our UPS men are mildly retarded. I scurried home from work on Friday after anxiously tracking my booty, knowing it would be waiting for me on my door step, ready for me to shuffle to the back of my closet, out of my husband's watchful and budget conscious eye. So I arrive home and gleefully try on the transitional sweater (see above) from Antrho, I was pretty happy with it, it'll be a great weekend/casual friday/wear-with-jeans-occasionally-on-a-Thursday-when-I-feel-like-sticking-it-to-the-man-day. Now if only it would just drop out of the tripple digits, I could justify wrapping myself in a sweater....
The hubs stopped off at a friend's house for a beer after work, which was perfect, bought me more time to anxiously peek out the window for the UPS man. Then he comes home and I think, dangit, well I guess my packages will come tomorrow. So we're lying on the bed, talking about our week, when the doorbell rings. I tell him, "oh no need to get that honey, it's just the UPS man, I'm expecting a package, he'll just slip it under the mat." Much to my dismay, it is NOT the UPS man, but our next door neighbor, arms full of packages conspicuously labeled JCrew and Banana Republic. Busted. Effing hell, UPS man, this is the second time (granted at a different address) that you have FAILED to deliver my package to the correct address. One time when I was living in an apartment some lady found my Banana package lying in the middle of a building 2 buildings over from mine. AND the UPS man put it down as "delivered". I called UPS and had words with them, but obviously, they still continue to retain a less than spectacular work force.
Part of my insanity in hiding this stuff from my husband is not because he's totally unreasonable, it's that when I shop online I buy a crap ton of stuff in multiple sizes and colors so I can sort through it all in the privacy of my own home. I usually end up keeping only about 20% of the stuff I order. But to an uninitiated observer, it definitely looked like I just decimated half a pay check, so I cautiously explained this to him and I think he understood.

In the top photo, I got a wrap dress from Banana, first time a wrap dress actually looked good on me! Do you think I can get away with pairing it with my zebra print peep toes with red detailing at the office? Or is that too wild? I also got the blue Jackie cardigan (and the shell, which got vetoed) and the ruffle blouse which will be returned because A) it was too big, B) it was too ruffly, not sure if I can pull it off, and C) I liked the Banana version of this shirt better (which was also too big and will be exchanged for a smaller size and re-attempted). Phew. That's all for now friends. Happy shopping!

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Amanda @ Bits & Pieces said...

I LOVE that I'm not the ONLY one who buys multiple sizes and colors by mail order to A) get the free shipping and B) try on in the privacy and comfort of my own home! Yay for that, but I swear I'm going to end up on some "Returns Too Much- No Longer Accept Her Returns" list!!