Wednesday, August 5, 2009

This and That

Met up with some Austin Bloggy gals last night for happy hour as documented by Jill at Confessions of an Enginerd. It was weird because on one hand I feel like I know these people and am all up in their lives, on the other, I met them for the first time yesterday. But you ladies were great, I am only saddened that I didn't participate earlier in Knottie GTGs or whatever. I hope we think of a meet up in the real world very soon.

Came home from the gym with a strained neck, the Traininator said this is a common injury for women when lifting weights, they tend to compensate in the neck while lifting rather than tightening their core. He told me this a while back and I've really been paying attention to my neck but alas, today I got sloppy, lifted more than I probably should have, and tweaked my neck, so now it's hard to turn my head. This is why they make muscle relaxers. Oh well. At least I have a good excuse to stay out of the gym ahead of me, Christine and Parker's engagement party!

We have quite a spread planned, a sit down dinner for 18 in the garden, preceded by cocktail hour inside the house. I made our shopping list tonight, the exterminator is coming on Friday (Darryl spied a little critter in the shower and we CAN NOT have that, especially when I'm spending a boatload of money for them to come out 2x a year and my contract says that if I see bugs between treatments, they'll make an extra trip, so I call when I see any bug, ever), we are doing all the cooking on Friday night (I am the queen of make ahead menus) and then we'll spend Friday morning doing yard work, depooping the lawn (which I've been trying in vain to revive with regular, albeit illegal extra watering), stringing lights, and cleaning the inside of the house. Hopefully we can sneak in a nap an hour or two before the party.

Frankly, the most exhausting part of all of this is cleaning my house. But I'm thinking it might be a fake clean, where we sanitize the kitchen and bathrooms and I shove all my clean unfolded laundry in a closet. Because I always painstakingly scrub the floors before parties and the next day there's unidentified stickyness all over them. Yeah, they'll probably just get vacuumed.

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Jill said...

totally agree on the happy hour. when i met a few of you for the first time, i was like "do i say nice to meet you? even though i know all about your job/parents/cooking habits/etc.?" weird.

i cannot wait to see the photos for this fab engagement party you are throwing. "sit down dinner for 18 in the garden." swoon.

ps: you looked amazing the other day and totally inspired me to get back into my gym habits. i'm also contemplating ww...