Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Weight Watchers Wednesday

Tonight I made one of my favorite Hungry Girl Recipes for cheesy enchiladas. I cannot tell you HOW MUCH I miss walking into a resteraunt and ordering cheese enchiladas and a side of rice. I usually throw some sliced mushrooms in with the onions when I sauttee them and chop up a chicken breast because Darryl like a little meat in his enchiladas.

As a side, I made my brown Spanish style rice. I looooove the rice at El Arroyo and think I've finally found a way to replicate it in a healthier fashion. First, run, don't walk to buy a rice cooker. How the heck did I ever make rice before? So I added a cup of brown rice, filled the water to the line in the cooker and then added a little bit more, if you don't add a bit extra, it tends to burn on the bottom.

Next I add a chicken bullion cube and a packet of Sazon (found in the Mexican foods section of HEB). Once the rice looks like it's good and boiling, try to do it towards the last 1/3 of the cooking process, add some frozen mixed veggies (I get the kind that has corn, lima beans, carrots, and green beans, it's not really what's pictured here, the hubs did the grocery shopping and I couldn't remember what brand to tell him, Veg-All maybe?).

I usually keep an eye on it, give it a little stir as it goes, because it seriously will burn at the bottom. This makes enough for 3-4 people and is craaaaazy tasty.

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Christy said...

the rice cooker is about the greatest kitchen appliance ever.

I need to try this recipe, sounds delish!