Monday, September 14, 2009

Purple Rain, Purple Rain

Don't you just hate it when you put a fabulous outfit together and it completely is lost on the people around you? In honor of the new season of Gossip Girl, which ironically I missed tonight, I put together the most Blair Waldorf ensemble ever. I don't have a photo because I don't have a great mirror to take these photos in, but let me describe the parts. First I combined my purple blazer with black slacks and this top from Banana, plus my JCrew rosette headband. Yes, I thought it was throwing a lot of fashion at the office on a Monday, but I felt like I'd been building up to it and was prepared to work it and take some risks.
The men in my life would believe differently...
First, I get compared to Dave Chapelle's portrayal of Prince when he played Charlie Murphey in basketball by a male coworker. I was quick to point out to my coworker that Prince did not have a fabulous rosette in their hair. "Oh, is that what that thing on your head is? A flower?" I was called Purple Rain for the rest of the day.

So I take off my outfit and go to the gym, leaving the jacket on the bed. When I get home, my husband says, "you know what that jacket reminds me of? (I am bracing myself for Prince, since my hubs is a huge Chapelle Show Fan) Willie Wonka." And inexplicably, my fashion nightmare gets worse.
So now I have an open address to the men of the world. You know what? My outfit was so much more fabulous than the $5 Old Navy khakis that you pulled off your bedroom floor and paired with the same tired polo shirt you wore last week. I was wearing a fabulous jacket produced by a fabulous luxury brand. Willie Wonka and Prince wish their jackets were so impeccably draped. Sorry you couldn't appreciate it. Where's a good gay man when you need him?


Elaine said...

Totally relate--I put together what I thought was a great outfit for our date night on Saturday. (Highlight being a belted peasant blouse.) When Kevin saw it he asked, "Is that belt supposed to be under your boobs? I mean, you're not fooling anyone, they know that's not where your waist really is." Urgh. I spent the rest of the night pointing out women who were wearing their belt in the same place I was.

Victoria said...

I'm sure Willy & Prince would appreciate your jacket. They are some effeminate dudes. Sorry other men can be so oblivious!

Kate said...

Girl, you know I have the same work-related fashion issues! Today I had the most adorable ruffly belt on and one of my male colleagues said it reminded him of a hedgehog!

Rock on with your purple velvet!!!

Jill said...

uuugh! the day i wore my rosette headband none of the men looked me in the face all day. they were staring at my head. engineering men fail in the office apparel department. rosette + ruffles > polos > plaid anyday.