Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Terraburger Review

Sunday night, the hubs got a hankering for a burger. In an effort to make good choices, I suggested we try out Terraburger, not because I'm particularly sold on organic foods, but because they offered healthier options like turkey burgers and veggie burgers. So we schlepped on over to try it out.

My Order:
-veggie burger with jalapenos (forgot to say no mayo, oh well)
-sweet potato fries

His Order:
-Hill Country Hickory Burger
-regular fries

First, let me start out by saying our bill (note we didn't even order drinks) was OVER $17. Holy hell Terraburger, you sure are proud of your food. The veggie burger was good and very satisfying, the bun was delightful, just how it looks in the photo. Darryl's burger was a saucy mess, but must have been okay because he ate it all. The fries were disappointing, their quantity was a bit too large (let me save a buck and get half as much, gosh!) and they were soggy. A $17 drive through burger meal should not have anything soggy. Period. They should have probably cleaned our windshield while they were at it. Not a fan, would rather head to Phil's or Mighty Fine in the future.


Victoria said...

That is freaking expensive! Have y'all tried P. Terry's? They also have really high quality ingredients and I love their chicken burger. Their fresh lemonade is amaaaaaazing (and kind of worth the 300 cals).

Kelly said...

Ooh I love Phil's! I'm with Vicki on P. Terry's, with their good ingredients. Word on the street is they have an awesome veggie burger. It's on my list to try soon.

Janet said...

Good to know! I have always wanted to stop by that place, agree that is way too much $$ for some fast food.

Jill said...

we went to the other new organic burger place in the arboretum, i think elevation burger(?), and were not impressed. i only got a milkshake and hubby got a burger, fries, and drink. $15! those organic burger places are on money crack.

Kristen said...

That's funny, Victor and I had the opposite reaction. I didn't like the burger much, thought it was pretty dry and bland. But I'd go back just for the fries, I loved them. We recently tried Hut's downtown. We had bison burgers which were awesome.