Sunday, September 13, 2009

Weekend Recap

Friday I ran down to RunTex after a long day at the office to pick up Jill at Confessions of an Enginerd and my packets for the Keep Austin Weird 5K. I had a lengthy conversation about the guy there about a compression sleeve for my calf since it hurts so badly during and post run, mostly because I don't have a fibula. The dude looked pretty high. First he made me show me my scar, then he tried to convince me to get some knee high compression socks, then he saw that I was not giving into his sock idea, so he was like, "just go to Academy." Whatever. Later the hubs and I checked out a new car we're considering purchasing for me, it was shot down due to my hubbys hatred of black leather ::sigh::. Thus, car shopping was followed by a crankypants trip to Kerbey Lane where I had their yummy tomato pie and a glass of sangria.


Saturday Jill and I did the run, in the freaking rain. If she hadn't been my partner in crime, there would be no way I would have gone, so I'm glad she was there. She recaps it nicely in her blog. Note that there are no photos of us because my hubs had FORBIDDEN me from taking my iPhone out in the rain. I, of course, defied that, but I put it in a case, inside an arm band, wrapped in a baggie, under a poncho. So getting it out to take a photo would have been quite a production.

Also Saturday, we visited with Darryl's parents and family to celebrate our nieces' birthdays with plenty of pizza, cupcakes and ice cream. Afterwards I went home and lay in bed for about 3 hours, I had been up since 6 AM an that was my first chance to relax since the race, on such a rainy day, it felt goooood. Met up with the hubs again for dinner at Trudy's.

Sunday was a whole lot of nothing, gym, grocery store, cooking, studying for my PG exam, etc. I love rainy fall weekends....And I'm looking forward to my next 5k. My goal is to run the whole dang thing without walking, hills and all.

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Jill said...

i'm telling ya, we're hardcore! i left my camera in my purse in the car and was going to take pics after the race. buuut then i saw my reflection and changed my mind. BUT i will also be at the run austin run event, so we should take pics before that!