Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bedroom Set Shopping

In short, I ate way too much yummy food and didn't exercise nearly enough this weekend. We spent a good part of the weekend running around looking at furniture for our bedroom. My first question is, where do ex-supermodels get off designing furniture? Cindy Crawford and Kathy Ireland have lines. What the heck do they know about furniture? They're dried up coat hangers, for heaven's sake.

Pottery Barn-Farmhouse Set

First we started at Pottery Barn to give Darryl an idea of what I wanted. We're trying to be budget conscious and Pottery Barn furniture is notoriously shoddy, so this was more of a fact finding mission than actual shopping. Here's what I showed him. Dark wood, simple lines.

Bassett-5th Avenue set

We went to Bassett next and we fell in love with this 5th Avenue set. However, it was a little spendy for our budget, but Bassett makes some really high quality pieces, so while we'd be spending Pottery Barn money, we'd be getting excellent quality.

Bassett-Redin Park set

Also at Bassett I fell in love with this Redin Park ensamble. Great quality and style (we would get it without the posters) and it was about $1200 cheaper than the other set. I was sold. Darryl was not, he liked the more expensive one. Next we went to Lacks and found this Kathy Ireland set. The style might be a bit too Asian inspired, but it seems like good enough quality and the price was reasonable.

Lack's-Kathy Ireland set

Finally, we went to Rooms To Go, a store that is craaaazy cheap but I have some concerns about the quality of their furniture. I think I could have overlooked that if it was exactly what I wanted style-wise, but it's not quite there. But I think this is the set we'll end up getting, and they're going to throw in a flat screen TV. ::sigh:: Any thoughts? I think I won't be completely happy with this set, but there will be plenty of money left over to buy a really great mattress and sheets, so maybe it's the smart way to go? Still, I look at that Bassett stuff and sigh.....

Rooms To Go-Whitmore set


Amanda @ Bits and Pieces said...

Love the Bassett Redin Park set- with the posts!

rena said...

Love the style of all of these! Not sure if Macy's $ is anything comparable to Rooms to Go, but my bedroom set is very similar to the Rooms to Go set you picked out, like i said, not sure of the pricing. And you may not get that flat screen tv ;)

Emily said...

Go for the Basset set. We bought the Redin Park living room pieces and love them. They'll last forever, so it's worth it.

hiero said...

how expensive are we talking about? I bought my bed from west elm and love it...